Is It Possible to Win Using the Martingale System?

The “Martingale” betting method is one of the few that appears to have stood the test of time and, more importantly, the shift from physical to digital casino games. Its extreme popularity may be traced back to two factors: its apparent efficacy and how easy it is to implement. Are you intrigued by the Martingale system and eager to find out more? If that’s the case, I recommend reading CasinoTop10’s detailed breakdown of the betting method.

How does the Martingale system work?

The Martingale strategy emerges as one of the earliest betting strategies described in publications devoted to casino games; its origins may go back to the 18th century, when gambling dens began to spring up across Europe. Many have said before us that this betting technique is well-known for its doubling-up after each loss, which makes calculating progressions a breeze. When a player generates a victory, however, they are required to wager their original amount.



The Martingale System, then, where did it come from?

John Martindale, a London casino owner, is rumored to have popularized the Martingale system by encouraging players to use the double-up betting system so that they could profit from their losses. Martindale was convinced that the casino’s house edge was able to counteract the pursuits of most gamblers to win. Although the origins of the word are shrouded in obscurity, it is generally considered that the name of this betting technique was derived from a misspelling of the surname of a British casino owner. Actually, the only distinguishing feature is the addition of a ‘g’ in place of a ‘d’ in John Henry Martingale’s surname, which is how the now-famous system got its moniker.


Although Martindale had reservations about the concept, Mr. Charles Wells used the Martingale betting system to win at online Roulette despite the odds. This was more than a century after the system was first developed. This betting strategy allowed the casino enthusiast to win 12 times in three days in one of Europe’s most prestigious gambling meccas, Monte Carlo. Charles Coborn wrote the song “The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo” about him because of his massive win of 1,000,000 francs, which he unexpectedly generated from an initial investment of 4,000 francs.


The Martingale System: The Facts

A negative progressive betting system, as implemented here;

It has only two rules and is considered one of the easiest betting systems;

The betting method aims to take full advantage of hot streaks;

It tells you to double your wager after a loss and return to your original wager after a win;

In the short run, the Martingale technique can help you make money. However, it is not a sustainable method of making money;

Bets on “even money” in games like roulette, blackjack, online craps, and baccarat can be placed with this device.

When adopting this strategy, players often find that they are taking on a tremendous risk for a relatively meager payoff.

How the Martingale System Works, in General

The primary principle of the Martingale betting system, like that of all other progressive betting systems, is based on the Gambler’s Fallacy, or the belief that an event is more likely to occur because it has not occurred recently. When you lose, the Martingale betting system tells you to double your bet so that you can hopefully win back what you lost. For this reason, this method is classified as a negative progressive betting system, as opposed to a positive one, since it seeks to recoup previous losses in this way.


In what kinds of casino games does the Martingale system work?

If you ask any professional gambler about the Martingale strategy, you’ll hear that it’s most commonly used by players of the Roulette casino game. One thing they might add, though, is that it applies to any game in the casino where players have the option of wagering even money. Games played at tables include Craps, Baccarat, and Blackjack.


The Martingale System: How to Play

The rules of the Martingale betting method, which can be applied to any casino game, are straightforward and easy to understand, which is good news if you’ve never used it before. When playing casino games where players have the option of placing even money bets, this negative progressive betting system is typically put into play. You’ll need to set your starting wager, similar to other progressive betting systems. When using the Martingale Betting System in a casino, this is the ultimate choice you’ll have to make. Check out the first 2 guidelines that follow.


First rule: Always double your bet after a loss.

Every time you lose, you double your bet using the Martingale strategy. If you wager $5 and lose, you must wager $10 the following time. If you lose again, you must place a $20 wager. A player who knows he will lose, say, three out of every four times, should still win the game. The player starts with a $5 wager and loses -5$, then places a $10 wager and loses -15$, a $20 wager and loses -35$, and finally places a $40 wager and wins -5$.



Second Rule: Never increase your bet after a win.

You won’t have to double your bet after every win using the Martingale system because it is a negative progressive strategy. Instead, you must wager your initial stake whenever you win using this method. If your base bet is $5, for example, you’ll need to wager that same amount in the following round.



The Martingale Strategy in Action: a Roulette Example

If you’re still confused about how the method works, have a look at our illustration of the Martingale method in action with Roulette. Let’s pretend for the sake of argument that you have $1,000 to spend and have chosen to play a game of Roulette with a $5 minimum wager, and that you’ve also decided to keep to a $5 base stake. When first playing Roulette, you must place your initial bet on an even-money wager. Let’s imagine you’re playing a table game and you decide to wager $5 on the ‘Red’ section of the outside betting area, and the dealer spins the black and red wheel and the ball lands on black. Now that you’ve made a losing wager on red, your net monetary gain stands at $-5.00.


Since you would have already lost money on the first round, you would have to increase your wager by 100%. Therefore, a total of $10 in wagers would be required this time around. If, for the sake of argument, you place your casino chip on “Red” again and it loses, you will be $15 in the red. In the third round, you’ll need to increase your wager by another factor of two. Therefore, you need to wager $20 to maintain consistency with the strategy. You risk $20 on ‘Red’ this time around, and it pays off. Therefore, after subtracting the $15 you lost in the first two rounds, your current net income is $40. Therefore, you will make a total of $25.


Does the Martingale System Improve Your Chances?

The widespread belief that employing a betting method increases one’s chances of winning a large sum of money while partaking in one’s game of choice is a popular misunderstanding shared by gamblers everywhere. No matter what betting technique you use, your odds of winning will remain the same. It will only give you a way to bet in a methodical manner. The Martingale technique is just as ineffective as any other strategy for attempting to reduce the house’s advantage, hence it should never be used. This is due to the fact that, despite the fact that modest alternating patterns of wins and losses are statistically more common, longer winning or losing streaks do occur. When this happens, the Martingale player will either lose all of his money or be forced to stop playing because the stakes are too high. If you start with a $10 bet, and lose every round for ten rounds, your $10,000 will be gone.


Is There Ever a Time to Use the Martingale?

You should never employ the Martingale strategy in the hope of making a consistent profit. However, it is possible to make a profit in the short term with a little help from Lady Luck. If this seems like what you’re after in a gambling session, then by all means give the Martingale a shot. However, in order to remain in the running for even a little sum of cash when employing a negative progressive system, you will need to lose the majority of your bankroll. You’ll have to judge for yourself if it’s useful. A bankroll of at least $200 is recommended if you plan on placing a base stake of $1 and a bankroll of at least $1,000 is recommended if you plan on placing a base stake of $5 when using the Martingale system while playing casino games for real money. The willingness to put in significant time is also crucial if you want to succeed. In addition, you need to be willing to risk a significant portion of your bankroll on individual bets and accept that you may not win. If you’re unlucky enough to experience a long losing run, the Martingale strategy can lead to significant financial loss.


Keep in mind that the Martingale betting strategy relies on two primary rules that must be adhered to in order for you, the player, to have any chance of success or winning a substantial sum of money. If you lose, you must continue doubling your wager, and if you win, you must bet your original amount. Keep in mind that the pattern’s applicability will be destroyed if it is interrupted at any time or if it is limited by circumstances that are external to the betting system. If you’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t the betting system for you, we suggest switching to a positive progressive betting system, in which bets are increased after a win rather than after a loss. These strategies focus on capitalizing on hot streaks rather than mitigating losses. The Paroli system and the Reverse D’Alembert system are just two examples of such betting strategies. In the long run, your bankroll will be healthier if you use a progressive strategy, win or lose.


Using the Martingale System: Pros and Cons

The Benefits

Usage Is a Breeze

The minimum bet might be as low as one cent or as high as one dollar.

Allows you to make a quick buck

The use of the Martingale System amplifies the excitement of the game.

What’s Wrong with That?

Doesn’t change the odds of the house

Stakes grow exponentially

Needs an infinite budget to succeed.

It’s Quite Possible to Hit the Cap on the Table

Poor payoff for taking on substantial danger.

Challenges in knowing when to quit playing

However, even if you are lucky and start winning using the Martingale technique, you shouldn’t stick around the table for too long because you could easily blow your entire bankroll.


The Martingale and Its Variations

Because of the success of the Martingale betting method, various variants were developed to address its shortcomings. The following are some examples of such structures:


Mini-Martingale Betting Strategy

Martingale Method, Excellent


Indicator of Disfavor for the Martingale System

Method of Canceling

Mini-Martingale Betting Strategy

This strategy is founded on the same concepts as the Martingale system, but it addresses the issue of knowing when to stop betting that the Martingale method did not. The tiny Martingale strategy is designed to slow the rate at which bets increase. Although it reduces the frequency with which doubling down is necessary and the rate at which money is lost, it also makes a profitable victory less likely.


“The Grand Martingale System” or “The Great Martingale”

The Great Martingale System, also known as the Rothstein System or the Grand Martingale System, is a variation on the conventional form of the betting system that seeks to address the issue that motivated the system’s creation in the first place. After each loss, the wager is doubled, like in the traditional Martingale system; however, this system adds a single additional unit to the wager in an effort to increase the probability of a win. Each time a player has a winning session, they should go back to betting the minimum required.


Method of Paroli

The Paroli Betting System, commonly known as the Reverse Martingale betting system, is a descendant of its far more ancient relative, the Martingale System. This technique is the antithesis of the Martingale system and belongs to the positive progression group, making it a less risky choice for gamblers who want to avoid running out of money before they’ve had a chance to cover losses or win anything. There are two main principles around which it is based. These include doubling your wager following a successful round and cutting back to your original wager following a loss. We recommend reading our article on the Paroli betting method if you’re interested in learning more about the system and how to put it into practice.


Method of D’Alembert

The D’Alembert Betting method, named after its inventor, Jean Le Rond, is another variation on the Martingale betting method. This form of gambling is also destructive. The odds of recouping your losses utilizing this betting strategy are higher than using the Martingale system because the progressions are not as steep. Simply put, this technique requires you to increase your wagers by one unit after a loss and reduce them by one unit after a victory. You can find all the information you need about the D’Alemebert System in our comprehensive guide.


The Labouchere Technique

James Bond fans are almost guaranteed to be familiar with the Labouchere Betting System. There are a few other names for this type of negative progressive betting system. The Cancellation System, the Split Martingale, and the American Progression are just a few examples of these. While it does have some similarities to the traditional Martingale method, its operation is slightly different. Yes, you should raise your wagers after a loss and lower them after a victory. However, this strategy does not rely on doubling down. Instead, it is tailored to your individual betting pattern with pinpoint accuracy. Our Labouchere article goes into great length on this betting strategy and how to use it, so if you’re interested in learning more about it, you should read it.


Free Martingale and Other Betting System Trials

Curious about trying the Martingale technique in a real money setting? If so, you may dip your toe in the water risk-free by trying out one of the HTML5 games featured on CasinoTop10 with their virtual currency. To see if this technique is right for you, try it out in our free Roulette game.


Win real money by employing the Martingale betting system.

The Martingale Betting System is a great strategic betting approach to adopt if you would like to follow in Charles Wells’s footsteps and happen to own a massive quantity of money that you are fortunate enough to gamble with to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, most of us gamblers who don’t have a limitless bankroll at our disposal will probably wind up with empty pockets by the end of our game’s cycle because it’s quite difficult to make up for the losses we’ve incurred while playing our favorite casino game. You should think about how much you are willing to risk and whether or not the outcome will be profitable before deciding to employ this strategy. We recommend setting up for an account at one of our casinos if you want to employ this betting strategy while playing for real money, as you’ll have access to a wide variety of online casino games and be able to boost your bankroll through bonus offers. In that case, why delay any longer? Get started right now with a Mobile Casino or online casino!

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